Tsodilo Hills Experience

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Tsodilo Hills Experience

Explore Rock Art & UNESCO World Heritage Site

Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site, firstly from the air and then by foot. This half-day trip includes a flight to Tsodilo Hills with a professional San guide who will explain the fascinating artwork found here, presenting a side of Botswana few travellers get to experience. The hike can be demanding, but the hills have an air and allure that is difficult to describe; perhaps they possess a draw that appeals to something within us all.

Tsodilo Hills are a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the remote northwest of the country; a definite ‘must see’ for those seeking more than wildlife from their time in Botswana. Over 4500 rock paintings, some dating back an estimated 26,000 years, adorn the quartzite rocks. The hills are sacred to the San Bushman who utilised the caves and spring here until the late 20th century, and there is evidence of human activity here dating back some 100,000 years. The return scenic flight will take you on a journey from the wide Okavango Panhandle across permanent lagoons back over the peripheral seasonal floodplains and wildlife rich wilderness, before landing back in camp.

Includes: Doors on return transfers; departure tax; 3 hour experience at Tsodilo Hills; private San bushman guide; entrance fees & picnic lunch.

  • Glyn F Avatar
    Glyn F
    1/08/2016 - TripAdvisor

    Just sit back & enjoy the ride The 25 minute trip is excellent value for money. Our pilot, Daniel, made sure we got to see the teeming delta wildlife in all its glory. The open doored helicopter is the ideal way to get a birds eye view of the spectacular scenery and stunning animals of the Okavango. All 3 passenger seats have an unobstructed view for photos, videos or just enjoying the thrill of the ride. You even get a video of the flight emailed to you... read more

    Jimmyisashimi Avatar
    8/31/2015 - TripAdvisor

    We are so happy we saw the Okavango delta from the helicopter. Paul took us up. Doors off and what a flight! We saw a fat hyena running in the delta as well as elephants, giraffes, wildebeest, kudu and amazing scenery. The advantage over a fixed wig was evident, you still have to stay above 500 feet, but being able to slow and circle back for great shots was well worth the money compared to a cheaper fixed wing (despite me loving fixed wings!). A well run outfit with good people, great... read more

  • Debbieholroyd Avatar
    6/17/2018 - TripAdvisor

    Better than your best dream ! WOW!! We went with Daniel as our pilot in a 4 seater helicopter. There were no doors on the helicopter, which made the experience so much more exciting!
    There are no words to describe the feeling of flying over the animals and the delta.
    The entire experience from booking to our pilot was professional and friendly.
    I would recommend this tour 100 times over!!

    Dominique B Avatar
    Dominique B
    4/12/2020 - TripAdvisor

    fabuleux Cher mais ça vaut le coup.Prises de photos extraordinaires ..nous avons parcouru le Botswana avec une petite voiture , et avons trouvé sur place des logements pas chers ...Les routes sont parfois difficiles mais on y fait de belles rencontres : éléphants etc...les chutes Victoria sont aussi à voir .

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