Helicopter pilot Andrew


Founder and Managing Director

Zimbabwean born Andrew has always had a love for Botswana and wanted to make Maun his home. After training in America, he began his aviation career as a fixed wing pilot throughout the Okavango Delta. He soon realized his real passion was in helicopters. Andrew then started Helicopter Horizons in 2004.

Helicopters offer an incredible vantage point for wildlife photography, which is where the inspiration for the company began, offering specialty flying to organizations such as the BBC & National Geographic.

Andrew’s most memorable moments included being part of the teams that captured Botswana’s iconic wildlife footage from the air. Since those early days his passion and the company has gone from strength to strength now offering a tourism network throughout the Okavango Delta, The Linyanti Region & The Makgadikgadi Pans, supported by a fleet of Bell & Robinson helicopters.

Andrew’s knowledge and passion for Botswana is the driving force behind our pilots and team on the ground.

Helicopter pilot Michael


Chief Pilot

South African born Michael grew up on a farm and was always interested in wildlife and the outdoors.

Michael’s interest in aviation began whilst he was serving in the British Army, where he was exposed to helicopter operations. After training his first flying role in Botswana was in the south of the country working with wildlife and veterinary services.

His skill set strengthen the Helicopter Horizons team in 2014 “With my previous job I experienced most of Southern Botswana but was then very fortunate to get a job with Helicopter Horizons and now have the privilege of flying over one of the most amazing landscapes in the world.” One of Michael’s most memorable moments was his first orientation flight where he saw cheetah chasing impala through the floodplain.

Maun is now home for Michael and his family. As our Chief Pilot is an integral part of helicopter operations. His passion and enthusiasm for the areas that we are privileged to fly over makes him the perfect guide for our guests.

Helicopter pilot Daniel


Senior Pilot

South African born Daniel began his training in Johannesburg in 2010 and since then his aviation career has taken him to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Tanzania & South Africa. Dan has worked as ground crew, flying security contracts and most recently conservation efforts.

In 2015 we were lucky enough to have Daniel strengthen the Helicopter Horizons team here in Botswana where he absolutely thrives in the wilderness. With over 2300 hours and such a variety of technical experience Daniel is one of our most versatile and experienced pilots.

Dan’s humble and friendly nature is such an asset and would be welcome on any safari itinerary.

Helicopter pilot Joe


Senior Pilot

Irish born Joe trained in Florida, USA before his aviation career took him to Australia for seven years. One of our senior pilots suggested he join our team after pegging him as a perfect fit for Helicopter Horizons, so in February 2017 he ventured to Africa for the first time joining our team in Botswana.

Since then Joe has been enjoying every moment flying over the Delta, some of his most memorable moments flying include flights to Kubu Island to see the flamingos and flights over Victoria Falls. “Every place has it’s little diamond, the Delta is always a guest pleaser” Joe is truly one of our most personable pilots embracing guests from all over the world, we are constantly receiving great reviews about his customer service.

He is always incredibly hospitable and eager to make sure everyone is enjoying their safari, with a lot of humour included. He goes from strength to strength with currently 2000 hours flying time.

Helicopter Horizons pilot Jelmer


Senior Pilot

Growing up in The Netherlands Jelmer studied biomedical sciences and aerospace engineering, the latter is where his interest for flying began.

Jelmer has been flying with the Helicopter Horizons team since the beginning of 2018, his love of nature has always kept him returning to Botswana as one of our most experienced seasonal pilots.

From the early days of training to navigate this vast wilderness, to now knowing every concession in depth, this incredible ecosystem is never lost on him “We have the best office there is, flying over the Okavango Delta.”

Jelmer plans to include offshore flying and mountain search & rescue in his career. His skill set, commitment and passion for flying will ensure he succeeds.

Helicopter Horizons pilot Keyan


Senior Pilot

One of our most experienced pilots, Keyan began his flying career in his home country of South Africa in 2013. His passion began within the film industry as an Aviation Safety Officer for aerial filming before a short stint in the engineering sector as a Safety Supervisor.

In February 2018 Keyan visited Botswana for the first time and by March he was back to join the Helicopter Horizons team “I wanted the opportunity to fly in one of the most beautiful places in Africa.”

Being able to share his workplace with the African wildlife in Botswana is a truly unique experience. One of his most memorable experiences is having to wait for African Wild Dogs to stroll over his landing zone before takeoff. Keyan’s knowledge of the Okavango Delta and passion for wildlife always offers incredible narration throughout any scenic flight or transfer.


Senior Pilot

Africa, and particularly Botswana holds a special place for Bart and his family. This affinity for the region was further enhanced by family safari trips and an overland adventure in 2013 starting in the Netherlands and ending in South Africa. “Combining the twin passions for travel and flying is a no-brainer” says Bart.

Having completed his training in the US, Bart later gained unrivalled experience navigating the layers of red rock that form The Grand Canyon. “One of the many things I love about Africa, especially coming from The Netherlands, where rain and water are taken for granted, is how celebrated rain is and how precious water is known to be”. All our pilots cannot wait to welcome you to Botswana and to show you the Delta in all it’s glory.

Helicopter pilot Tom


Senior Pilot

Having grown up in Christchurch, Tom has a great love of the outdoors. He has always had a passion for flying helicopters, driven by having small experiences with them throughout his childhood.

After completing his training in New Zealand and before coming to Botswana Tom was flying in Western Australia, showcasing the Kimberley region to travellers. He is very driven and focused when he’s flying and strives for a high level of professionalism along with a great Kiwi sense of humour. The wildlife in Botswana and varied landscapes of the unique ecosystem in the Okavango Delta has left him speechless on multiple occasions.

Tom joined the Helicopter Horizons team in November 2019 and no matter where he goes in life Botswana has had such an impact in such a short time, it will always be place to call home.

Helicopter pilot Dylan


Line Pilot

New Zealand born Dylan grew up on farms and began his aviation career flying in the Southern Alps after gaining interest in aviation from an early age. Initially Dylan was introduced to a microlight plane however his interest was quickly stolen on his first helicopter flight.

He moved to Botswana seeking adventure where his most memorable moment was seeing the flood for the first time and his first game drive where he was introduced to a pack of African Wild Dog.

Dylan’s passion for the outdoors, wildlife and the delta makes him the perfect guide for anyone visiting Botswana.

Helicopter Horizons pilot Ben


Line Pilot

Ben’s fascination for helicopters began whilst working in the ambulance service and volunteering as a fire fighter. Watching the helicopter support emergency teams on the ground sparked his passion to become a helicopter pilot.

Growing up in Austria and Germany Ben is enjoying the contrast that Botswana has to offer, from the amazing scenery, fascinating eco-system and wildlife rich areas of the Okavango Delta.

Ben’s long term future lies in Helicopter Emergency Medical Services, in the meantime we are delighted to have him as part of the Helicopter Horizons team. His passion, talent and positive nature make for a perfect host to any helicopter safari.

Helicopter pilot Barry


Seasonal Pilot

After coming from an engineering & hospitality background Barry’s first taste of operating a helicopter was in his home country of Ireland before making his way to Florida to obtain his commercial license in 2008. From 2015 Barry joined the Helicopter Horizons team and has been a credit to the company ever since.

The initial appeal of flying over the most pristine wildlife areas has only increased his passion for sharing Botswana with our guests. One of his most memorable sightings was a Wild Dog Hunt from the air. Not only does Barry have extensive knowledge of Botswana but is also one of our most personable pilots.

Barry is a talented and professional pilot with a love of Africa. An easy going, fun and humorous nature makes him the perfect host to compliment any helicopter safari.

Helicopter pilot Arnaud


Seasonal Pilot

After a well travelled childhood and a military background, French born Arnaud found his real passion when he trained for, and received his commercial helicopter license in Portland USA.

His first aviation role saw him flying police through the challenging terrain of the Indian jungle before making his way to Africa. From 2017 Arnaud joined the Helicopter Horizons team and has been a credit to the company ever since. His diverse flying experience of over 3000 hours includes Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Madagascar and most recently, flood relief in Mozambique.

Not only does Arnaud have extensive knowledge of Africa from the air but he’s also one of our most personable pilots. Arnaud is a talented and professional pilot with a love for Africa with an easy going, fun nature. The perfect host to compliment any tailor made itinerary.

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