Helicopter pilot Tom


Chief Pilot

Tom, our experienced and enthusiastic pilot, grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand. He has always been drawn to the outdoors and developed a passion for flying helicopters from a young age. His love for flying was further ignited by small experiences with helicopters throughout his childhood in New Zealand.

Tom joined our team at Helicopter Horizons in November 2019, and his professionalism and Kiwi sense of humor have made him a valuable addition. He is constantly in awe of the wildlife and varied landscapes of the Okavango Delta, which has left him speechless on multiple occasions. Tom considers Botswana to be an exceptional place that has made a lasting impact on him, and he often refers to it as his home away from home. No matter where his travels take him, he knows that Botswana will always hold a special place in his heart.

Helicopter pilot Michael


Senior Pilot

Michael, our seasoned pilot with a passion for aviation, was born in South Africa. After serving in the British Army, he began his career as a pilot and after training, he got a flying job in southern Botswana. His first flying role involved working with wildlife and veterinary services in the region.

Michael’s interest in aviation was sparked further during this time, and he went on to work with Helicopter Horizons in 2014. Now, he has the privilege of flying over one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, including the amazing Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and the Okavango Delta. One of Michael’s most memorable moments was his first orientation flight, where he witnessed cheetah chasing impala through the floodplain. Today, Maun is Michael’s home, and he enjoys exploring the region with his family.

Helicopter pilot Jack


Senior Pilot

Jack hails from the picturesque Southland region of New Zealand, known for its rugged coastline and natural beauty. He was struck by the similarities between the Linyanti wetlands and dry landscapes of Chobe National Park and felt at home here.

Jack’s passion for flying brought him to Maun in 2021, where he found the perfect combination of adventure and opportunity. Each day at work offers a new adventure as he takes to the skies and explores the beautiful Delta. He is thrilled to spot elephants, leopards, wild dogs, and of course, his favorite – the lion. Sharing this incredible experience with others is what truly makes Jack’s job worthwhile.

Helicopter pilot Pingo


Senior Pilot

Pingo has a natural love for the bush and adventure, growing up near to the Kruger National Park in the striking sub-tropical area of the lowveld bush, Nelspruit, South Africa, the natural choice in line for Pingo was to take to the Southern African skies over Botswana. Pingo complements our team at Helicopter Horizons with a wealth of bush knowledge and a broad flying background. If you are a keen birder, Pingo is the pilot for you knowing a large amount of the species found in the Okavango Delta.

With beautiful landscapes and an abundance of wildlife, be it the massive elephant or a small (in comparison) spotted hyena, both of which being his favourite mammals. Pingo enjoys sharing his knowledge with guests and flying for photographers and film crews, allowing for the perfect angles and opportunities to capture these memories making him an ideal choice for those who want an unforgettable experience while exploring this beautiful area of Botswana.

Helicopter pilot Alec


Line Pilot

With a degree in engineering, Alec is a man of action. After completing his master’s thesis, he wasn’t content to just the theoretical side. Coming from South Africa with practical experience in aerial game work, he later made his way to Botswana.

Alec is a valuable member of our Helicopter Horizons team, always eager to lend a hand and working tirelessly to ensure our operations run smoothly. His boundless energy and passion for flying make him a delight to have on board. Alec is eager to share his love of this beautiful part of the world with his passengers and show them the breathtaking views from the sky.

Helicopter pilot Liam


Line Pilot

Originally from the lush and picturesque Vancouver Island in Canada, Liam joined the dynamic team at Helicopter Horizons in 2022. It was during his early years that Liam’s passion for flying helicopters was sparked by his father, who was a forestry firefighter. With a rich background in various professions, Liam brings a diverse set of skills and experiences to the table.

In 2021, Liam’s aspiration of becoming a helicopter pilot finally came true. He was drawn to the opportunity to explore the beautiful continent of Africa with Helicopter Horizons, and Botswana was an especially enticing destination. The chance to fly over the breathtaking Okavango Delta and share its wonders with guests is a highlight of Liam’s experience with our team. He particularly enjoys flying over the Shade island in the Duba Plains concession, which he finds to be one of the most captivating regions in the Delta. 

Helicopter pilot Brendon


Line Pilot

Growing up in the bustling city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Brendon was captivated by the thrill of flight at a young age. On a father-son trip, he embarked on a joyride in a helicopter and discovered his true passion for aviation. This dream of becoming a pilot was realized in 2021, and since then, he has been eager to share his love for flying with others.

As a member of the Helicopter Horizons team, Brendon has been given the opportunity to explore the vast expanse of Botswana, including the breathtaking Okavango Delta. Whether it’s soaring over the lush landscapes or delivering guests to their dream destinations, he takes pride in providing top-notch service with a touch of humor. When asked about his age, he often chuckles and replies, “Oh, I just got my license yesterday!”

Helicopter pilot Alexander


Line Pilot

Alexander’s passion for flying began with a fascination for the behavior of humans and animals. In 2018, after studying psychology, he started flying fixed-wing aircraft in and around the Nelspruit area, near to the Kruger National Park in South Africa. He soon discovered his love for helicopters and completed his helicopter license in 2022.

He was drawn to Botswana’s natural beauty, which is among the most stunning on the continent. Helicopter Horizons provided the perfect opportunity for him to explore the region and expand his skills as a helicopter pilot. One of his most memorable experiences in Botswana was flying over the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. The vast, cracked salt textures gave the impression of being on another planet, and the openness of the landscape was awe-inspiring. Alexander is grateful to be part of the Helicopter Horizons team and looks forward to many more unforgettable moments in the skies of Botswana.

Helicopter pilot Trent


Line Pilot

Growing up in the bustling city of Calgary, Alberta, Trent has always drawn to the thrill of adventure and new experiences. After completing a degree in Machining, he realized that the same routine day after day and being stuck inside all day wasn’t for him. As an Emergency Response Tech, he had the chance to work on some of the most challenging and rewarding assignments’. “From fighting wildfires to rescuing people from floods and accidents, I’ve seen firsthand the power of aviation in times of crisis. And it was these experiences that made me realize that being a helicopter pilot was the career for me”.

Once receiving his helicopter license, Trent has now landed here at Helicopter Horizons. With Botswana’s is a beautiful country that offers an endless opportunity to explore and experience new things, the friendly locals, the stunning landscapes, and the chance to go fishing and camping in the Okavango Delta has made it an irresistible destination to pursue his dream.

Helicopter pilot Dylan


Line Pilot

Dylan, a seasoned helicopter pilot, was inspired by his father’s career and followed in his footsteps by obtaining his commercial helicopter pilot’s license in Montreal, Canada in 2019. He then went on to work as a flight assistant for slingload and medevac flights in France. With a passion for flying and a thirst for adventure, Dylan has lived and worked all around the world.

Now, he has landed in the beautiful Okavango Delta to join us here at Helicopter Horizons, where he is excited to share his extensive knowledge and experiences with guests during their flights. Dylan is particularly enamored with the delta’s unique combination of wildlife and breathtaking landscapes, and sceneries.

Helicopter pilot Mat


Line Pilot

Growing up in the charming coastal town of Timaru, nestled in the South Island of New Zealand, Mat was inspired by his grandfather’s hobby for writing in multiple aviation magazines. This spark ignited a passion within him to pursue a career as a helicopter pilot. With unwavering determination, Mat achieved his dream in 2018, earning his license in the city of Christchurch.

When the opportunity to join the team here at Helicopter Horizons presented itself, Mat knew it was a great opportunity that can’t be turned down. He has been captivated by the breathtaking views of the Okavango Delta and the diverse wildlife that call this region home. As an accomplished pilot, Mat takes great pleasure in sharing his love for the skies and the great outdoors with our guests. Moreover, his warm and engaging personality has endeared him to everyone at camp, making him an integral part of the Helicopter Horizons family.

Helicopter pilot Barry


Seasonal Pilot

Barry’s love for flying and adventure brought him to Botswana in 2015, where he joined the Helicopter Horizons team. With his vast experience and knowledge of the country, he quickly became an integral part of the team. Barry’s expertise and friendly demeanor make him a favorite among guests, who appreciate his humor and easy-going nature.

One of Barry’s most memorable experiences in Botswana was a thrilling Wild Dog Hunt, which he piloted from the air while guests were on board. The sight of these incredible animals in their natural habitat was amazing, and Barry’s skill as a pilot ensured that everyone had a safe and unforgettable experience. Barry’s passion for flying and his deep knowledge of Botswana make him an excellent host for helicopter safaris. With his ability to connect with guests and share his love of the region, he is sure to create unforgettable memories for years to come.

Helicopter pilot Bart


Seasonal Pilot

Bart’s connection to Africa runs deep, and Botswana holds a special place in his heart. His love for the region was further ignited during family safari trips and an overland adventure in 2013, which started in the Netherlands and ended in South Africa. Bart sees combining his passions for travel and flying as a natural fit, and he brings this enthusiasm to his role as a pilot for Helicopter Horizons here in Botswana.

After completing his training in the United States, Bart gained extensive experience navigating the stunning landscapes of The Grand Canyon. He appreciates the beauty of water, especially in regions where it is scarce, and this appreciation for the value of water is reflected in his love for Africa, where the precious resource is treasured. Bart and the other pilots at Helicopter Horizons are eager to welcome you to Botswana and show you the beauty of the Okavango Delta from the air. With their combined experience and love for the region, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

Helicopter pilot Arnaud


Seasonal Pilot

After a well travelled childhood and a military background, Arnaud discovered his true passion for flying in the United States. He trained for and received his commercial helicopter license in Portland, USA, and his first job took him to the Indian jungle, where he flew police through the challenging terrain.

From there, Arnaud’s career took him to Africa, where he joined the Helicopter Horizons team in 2017. With over 3,000 hours of flying experience in Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Madagascar, and Mozambique, Arnaud is a seasoned and skilled pilot. Arnaud’s extensive knowledge of Africa from the air, coupled with his friendly and easy-going nature, make him an excellent host for tailor-made itineraries. His love for the continent and his talent as a pilot have made him a valuable member of the Helicopter Horizons team.

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